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Telephony Services


Virtual Telephone is a hosted phone service that works in the cloud Telephony Environment, answers and routes your calls and much more! You get a Country Specific number or where your customers can call 24x7.

On calling your Virtual Number, customers are greeted with a professional welcome message. Your Customer can speak to the concerned person by pressing the extension.

Extension can be set to your present mobile or a landline number.

Customers can leave a voice call in case no one answers call.

Why Virtual Telephony

Project a Big Company Image - Perception is Reality : You want to impress your callers and convey a big business image, but want to avoid the expense of a real receptionist. You can create the appearance of multiple departments and project a professional business image.

Never Lose a Business Lead -Every call is Important : The business is getting competitive, what if a big order was lost because your phone was powered off when the customer called. From our website, you will get a list of all the customers who called you and whose call was missed.

Get Calls When Not in Office - Business is on the go : You’re out on the go, but expecting that crucial phone call. Enjoy the convenience of having your calls routed to your home, mobile, or any number - so you'll never miss another important call.

Move Office but not Phone -Phone Number for Life : Your business is growing; you want to move to a bigger office but are worried about customers calling old number. Your SuperReceptionist number will go where your office is. No Hardware – No Software – As Easy as your Email.

TOLL FREE SERVICES - National & International

We are leading Toll Free Number Service Provider in India. And to maintain ourselves as best Toll Free Number Service Provider in India we provide toll free service with integrated IVR service. We offer Toll Free Number Service 1800XXXXXXX on Virtual Network at unbeatable prices.

Toll Free number provides your potential customers with a free and convenient way to contact your business. The charges for using a Toll Free number will be paid by you instead of your potential customers. The number can be called by fixed line and mobile subscribers acceptable by all service providers in India.

Key Highlights of our Toll Free Service (with IVR) Service:


Missed Call Service is a service which helps End user reach the organization free of charge. In this people call up a Virtual Number assigned to an Organization and in the First Ring the call gets Disconnected without getting connected to the organization, but the Caller's Number is captured and stored and the Organization is Updated with the same Information with a web based log report.



Convert your website visitors into Potential Clients Using our Click to Call service. You can create widgets which can be easily integrated into any of your existing web pages, blogs, customer portal etc...

Once you integrated the widget into your page the widget will be shown in that page and when a website visitor requires any clarifications before availing your services or products they can simply enter their contact number into the widget and your potential client gets an incoming call which connects your agent directly with your potential client. And all this happens in real time.

We provide inbuilt call log and call management feature with our web based panel with each Click to Call account. So now manage and have full control over your Click to Call application. And you can create multiple click to call buttons or “call us free” buttons for multiple websites using our application.

Our Click to Call package is loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry. You cannot find all such features together at an affordable price anywhere else.


Smart IVR is built on powerful, auto-scaling features and configurations that allow businesses to engage in effortless planning even during long peak hours. It allows the technology to execute complex IVR actions through a virtual number. Customers can instruct the IVR to perform a host of actions like digit capture, voice capture (on consent), sound play, call transfer and much more. In addition to this, you can also request a custom solution in case of complex business scenarios.

Working Mechanism

An IVR call routing flow can be created for inbound and outbound calls. In case of incoming calls, Co. provides multiple numbers (Vanity, Toll-Free, International and Local) which can be allocated to customers’ incoming IVR based on their requirement. Outgoing calls can be scheduled through APIs provided by Co. or through screen inputs via web app login as provided to the customer.

The Technology

Smart IVR is designed using an IVR visual studio. This ensures a well-built and legible call flow to customers. IVR visual studio delivers the power of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and are compiled in Python programming language.

IVR makes way for dynamic enterprise database integration and in-memory execution. It gives superior call control to IVR developers and provides complete access to programming language/environment during a call.

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