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Software Solutions

Infonet is changing the way that ERP solution is delivered. We have gathered the best and brightest software development practitioners and serve our clients through a mixture of state of art, cutting age technology consultancy, business reengineering, project delivery and tools. Through our production services we work with our clients to design, built deploy and evolve systems that are truly an asset to our clients business. Through our consultancy services, we provide insight into critical problems, transform IT organizations, provide objective support for small/big decisions, troubleshoot technology, projects and mobilize delivery program. Through our labs division we create simple, easy to use, innovative software leveraging our development expertise.

We were early adopters of agile methods and have adapted them to enterprise and distributed projects. This enables us to take on high risk, business critical projects while simultaneously creating very high quality, innovative software assets. We have helped clients tailor ad adopt similar practices in their drives to eliminate waste and improve speed to market. The knowledge gained from ten years of client delivery is also channeled into developing innovative products which help us and other people delivery value through technology.

The scope of Solution includes the following


Our company has gained extensive expertise in Microsoft technologies:

Languages : SQL, PL/SQL, JAVA, C-Sharp,VB, PHP

GUI : Oracle 10g IAS, Developer/2000,.NET, C-Sharp, VB, JAVA

CaseTools : Designer 2000 -TurboAnalyst, Rational Rose

Database : ORACLE, SQL Server 2005/2008, MYSql, Access

Web : OracleAS, IAS, J2EE, .NET

O/S : Windows, UNIX, Linux, Solaris

Design Considerations of Products

DATA TRANSPARENCY : While designing the solution, the issue of paramount importance is the free availability of data among the applications.

SINGLE FRAMEWORK : What we propose is to provide a journey towards a single framework that will work across the enterprise.

SEAMLESS INTERFACE : It has been designed and developed the architecture of the unified solution, in such a way so as to reap the benefits of mature interoperable tools and or concepts like XML/text pursing, just to get started able the users to consolidate their internal IT systems, and tie them up with those of their business partners.

USER BENEFIT : All in all, the goal from our viewpoint would be to enable the users to consolidate their internal systems, and tie them up with those of their business partners.

DATA INTEGRITY : While Designing/developing solution we will make sure that our system delivers data over the network asynchronously in order to improve productivity and response times or any-other parameters crucial to the end-users.

Our Products

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Infonet IT Services was launched in May, 2008. The Company has spread its wings in online IT services to facilitate the companies, firms or individuals in India.