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Bulk SMS & Email Solutions

Infonet IT Services is one of the leading Bulk SMS/Email, Voice Message, Short/Long Code Service providers in Kolkata. We offer best rate for Promotional & Transactional bulk sms services in India. if you are looking for genuine sms marketing service in Kolkata then Infonet Services is the best place to buy quality Services at lowest & affordable price.

Client can use Unlimited Services (Based on the package purchased) in Bulk to users anywhere in India, No need to purchase any software. Only SMS Credits/Balance needs to be purchased. Infonet completely follows the TRAI guidelines to protect the interests of the client and the end mobile recipient.

Promotional SMS

The SMS which are sent with the objective of promoting one’s goods or service are mapped as a promotional one. This category includes any sales & marketing messages which may or may not be desired by the recipient. These messages do not get delivered on NDNC (National Do Not Call) registered number. As there is full planning by TRAI to cut off such unwanted calls & SMS, TRAI has also imposed extra 5 Paisa + Service tax on each such promotional call applying the term Operator’s Cost & so the Promotional messages have become costlier than the prior time. This costliness directly affects the marketers & as a result they will shoot messages in lesser proportion which will ultimately help in cutting down such communications.

How it works

Transactional SMS

Send Transactional SMS in India to DND/Non DND Number 24 X 7. Sending Transactional SMS in India is possible now, even on DND (Do Not Disturb) registered numbers, Using our Transactional SMS Service. You can send SMS to any number (DND registered or not) any time. More to that Your Transactional SMS will go with 6 Characters sender id, which helps your users to identify your SMS easily.



Must be 6 Characters only, not less than or more than 6 characters

Should contain only Characters from A-Z. No Special Characters.

Must represent your company, no generic words e.g. SMSAPP

What Is Tansactional SMS

Information sent to its customer(s) by the Bank or financial institution or insurance company or credit card company or any type alerts to registered clients only. Information given by Airlines or Indian Railways or its authorized agencies to its passengers regarding travel schedules, ticket booking and reservation. Information from a registered educational institution to parents or guardians of its students.

Information sent by e-commerce agencies in response to ecommerce transactions made by their customers.

Email Service

Our Bulk Email service helps our customer to get sophisticated and targeted inquiries which have maximum conversation ratio. We provide Bulk Email marketing solution in Kolkata at best price and with online web based software. Bulk E-mail Service helps users to send bulk emails to their existing users as well as for Marketing Purpose. Emails can be sent in the form of HTML Templates or Text or Attachments.


Voice Message

Voice Call enables you to communicate with your customers by calling their Mobile/Land phone numbers anywhere in India with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System. This communication technique of bulk voice calls has the advantage of most penetrative reach and personalized messages.Voice Call enables you to communicate with your customers by calling their Mobile/Land phone numbers anywhere in India with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System. This communication technique of bulk voice calls has the advantage of most penetrative reach and personalized messages.

Bulk Voice Call Campaign is widely used for Lead generation, Corporate Communication, Event Notifications, Political Campaign Promotions, Voter Registration, Vote Reminders, Fund Raising, Service Reminders, Product Promotions, Announcements, Give reminders like EMI, Insurance premium, Event Notification and Promoting Business Products.

India has a diverse language culture with essentially 18 National Languages, 22 regional languages and thousands of dialects. This means that there is no uniform language that could be understood by all. This product enables that language customization to reach out a message to all groups of the Indian society any time.


Bulk WhatsApp SMS / Images / Videos : Service

We are Bulk WhatsApp SMS, Images, Videos - Service Provider based in Kolkata and leader in providing Bulk WhatsApp SMS, Images, Videos messaging / marketing solutions in India. As Bulk WhatsApp SMS, Images, Videos Service Provider we ensure you are connected with your customers where ever they are with just click of Send Button!

To maintain ourselves as best Bulk WhatsApp SMS, Images, Videos - Marketing Service Provider Company and to ensure maximum successful sms delivery within minimum timeframe. We have redundant network of Servers to ensure instant 100% delivery of WhatsApp Messages.

As a Bulk WhatsApp SMS, Images, Videos service provider we have been delivering innovative mobile messaging services across India.Our Bulk WhatsApp SMS, Images, Videos package is loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry. Now you only pay for WhatsApp Messages send to only WhatsApp enabled Phones so now you don't waste money on sending SMS on numbers without knowing if Phone number is WhatsApp Enabled or NOT ?? - We offer Inbuilt WhatsApp Filter (optional) within our WhatsApp Service.

Being a lowest cost Bulk WhatsApp SMS, Images, Videos - service provider we offer Bulk WhatsApp SMS, Images, Videos - MARKETING SERVICE at unbeatable low rates.


Short code/Long Code Service is a service used for receiving Incoming messages by the organization to capture responses from the client or people who wants to interact with the company in automated format. It is not similar to a Mobile number and its shorter in length as compared to Long Code number so it is called Short Code. Being small in size it is easy to remember. Infonet Offers this service to organisations across India, as it cannot be used to receive International SMS.

What Is Short Code

What Is Long Code

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Infonet IT Services was launched in May, 2008. The Company has spread its wings in online IT services to facilitate the companies, firms or individuals in India.